Protec Documentation Services, Inc.
PO Box 266
Rancocas, New Jersey 08073 USA

Protec is recognized worldwide as the most trusted name in vibration consulting.

Experience. Reliability. Responsiveness. For more than four decades, Protec has helped clients increase jobsite efficiency and minimize insurance costs by performing critical monitoring and documentation services on thousands of construction and demolition projects, earning a reputation as the most responsive and effective vibration consultants anywhere.

For us, protecting people and their investments is the top priority.

From Cape Canaveral to Cape Town, Kansas City to Kuala Lumpur, Protec's staff of knowledgeable Professional Engineers and certified field technicians develop monitoring plans and offer innovative solutions designed to keep the most challenging projects on track.

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Vibration Monitoring: Protec has the experience and versatility to develop detailed, cost-effective monitoring programs custom-suited to any jobsite...

Vibration Prediction: Protec Engineers combine historical vibration data with your proposed work plan to develop a reliable prediction of vibration levels prior to the start of site activities...

Structure Inspections: Protec inspectors document the condition of adjacent properties and liabilities before and after your project, which reduces unsubstantiated claims...

Claim Investigation & Legal Testimony: Protec doesn't just drop raw data in your lap...our experts remain available to help resolve issues by providing consultation and data interpretation long after a project is complete...

Additional Services: Protec provides a wide array of supporting engineering measurement and documentation services, including...