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Protec Engineers and technicians possess more than 40 years' experience studying ground vibration and its effect on structures.  Our firm provides critical documentation and monitoring services by integrating local and regional regulations with practical field experience.  We are constantly developing new monitoring technology, data-gathering, and reporting systems to ensure you have the jobsite data you need, right when you need it.

Protec provides a full suite of reliable consulting and field services, including:

Vibration Prediction:

Protec's custom-developed software programs allow our Engineers to convert your work plan into a reliable predictor of vibration levels prior to the start of site activities.  In addition, Protec's supporting database-research team has access to thousands of vibration records from previous projects, which can be used to provide empirical vibration data recorded under similar or identical conditions.

Protec's Vibration Prediction Study can save untold time and expense by helping establish appropriate equipment and methodology prior to site mobilization.

Vibration Monitoring:

Protec has the experience and versatility to develop and implement cost-effective monitoring programs custom-suited to any jobsite.

Our Engineers integrate many factors such as site logistics, type of (and distance to) adjacent liabilities, regulatory requirements, federal vibration standards, and budgeting goals in recommending the most effective program for your project.

Using state-of-the-art field seismographs and supporting specialty equipment, Protec measures vibration via two primary methods:

a) With on-site technicians, who can operate and reposition instrumentation throughout the day as your work progresses.  An on-site Protec technician also serves to visibility establish that an independent third party is monitoring vibration (which itself has been shown to reduce nuisance claims), and the technician can address local resident's inquiries in a knowledgeable and congenial manner.

b) With continuously-monitoring field seismographs.  This involves the installation of multiple instruments at critical locations around a jobsite, which record site data 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can be remotely accessed by Protec or our client at any time.  Protec configures these units to instantly contact our offices (or client's site supervisors directly) if elevated or unusual levels are detected.  This instant notification can help initiate discussion and mitigation before small issues potentially turn into large ones.

Both monitoring methods include the development and submission of Protec's formal Vibration Monitoring Reports.  With Protec you will always have a record of jobsite vibration.

Structure Inspections:

Establishing the condition of nearby structures and educating property owners about those conditions is a critical component of any risk-management plan.

Protec inspectors document the condition of adjacent properties and liabilities before and after your project. These inspections reduce unsubstantiated claims and serve as a powerful public relations tool for showing project officials, neighboring residents and business owners that you stand behind your work and take your reputation seriously.

Claim Investigation & Legal Testimony:

Protec doesn't just drop raw data in your lap…our experts can help resolve potential issues by providing consultation and data interpretation long after a project is complete.

We know that inquiries or claims can arise months or even years after a project concludes…which is why Protec remains nearby with the experience and background to help determine whether claims are the result of jobsite activity, environmental changes or other unrelated causes.

Protec works with all available data and provides valuable assistance in helping avoid costly legal disputes.

Additional Services:

In addition to our core services, Protec offers a complete line of associated measurement and documentation services, including:

Settlement Monitoring & Measurement Systems:

  • Crack Gauge installation and monitoring
  • Tilt Meter installation and monitoring
  • Strain Gauge installation and monitoring
  • Horizontal-Vertical Control Point Surveys

Noise Monitoring:

Protec technicians use state-of-the-art Cirrus portable noise monitors to document regulatory compliance and investigate complaints related to jobsite activities. Protec also develops noise monitoring plans to ensure jobsite activities comply with local ordinances and/or jobsite specifications.

Pre-Construction Video & Site Photography:

 In the New York-Philadelphia-Baltimore region, Protec inspectors perform right-of-way video documentation using field production vans to provide detailed overviews and descriptions of pre- and post-construction conditions.

Protec employs the latest advances in high-resolution technology and GPS tracking to establish exact jobsite details, and our custom-developed data-indexing system assures easy access to specific site locations.

In addition, Protec performs pre-, progress- and post-construction/demolition project photography using the highest-resolution equipment available.  Our experienced photographers are Tunnel, Track and Confined Space Certified with over a dozen transit agencies in the NY-NJ-Phila metro area, please call for more details.

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